Mark Blyth

Author, Researcher, Educator, and Consultant on International Political Economy

If I Told You We Could End Recessions, Reduce Inequality, And Not Skin The Rich To Do It…Might You Be Interested In That?

This was the original title of a piece that just came out in Foreign Affairs Magazine

But Foreign Affairs likes shorter titles, so its called “Print Less but Transfer More: why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People.”

I wrote it with Eric Lonergan, who happens to be a good friend despite being a hedge fund manager. He is also the author of the brilliant (and I mean that – really) book simply entitled Money, which is available here

Read his book. Really.

This piece is an attempt to think past the current moment, which is a world where central banks are trying to do too much with too few tools while governments pretend to not be able to do anything at all. Its also an intervention into the inequality debate. We hope that you find it useful. I have put a copy of the piece in my ‘writings for normal people’ bucket on this website.

Your thoughts?

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